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Fundraising at Dixa

As a company, we will be fundraising throughout the year for a chosen charity (you can check this out on the Dixa charities page).  Going forward we will be working with you towards the end of each year to choose the next Dixa charity for the following year.


When it comes to fundraising we're looking forward to putting on some great events and initiatives but we’d love you to join in too. 


You might be passionate about running, wild about cycling or just love to take part. Whatever it is we will work with you to find fundraising opportunities that support our charities. We’re also here to support you with your chosen charity and will help you promote it throughout Dixa should you choose to fundraise for it.


As we’ve all seen this year, the world is changing and we need to change with it. If there is a charity that isn’t on our list but you feel needs help and support now, let us know! You can speak with Lucy Kemp who will then work with you on the next steps. For us to make a difference we need to do it together.